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Health Insurance Waiver Requests are due July 15th.
New Student Orientation Schedule 

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enlightened First-year students will receive a designated August 9th move-in time?  Move-in times will be emailed in early August and will be placed on the New Student Checklist.  Early move-in requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.

enlightenedall first-year students must complete a First Year Colloquia course during their first year?  Courses and descriptions will be posted on the New Student Portal.

enlightenedall first-year students must complete the language placement exam?  It is strongly recommended that students complete the placement exam by August 1st. See the Portal for more information on taking the exam.

enlightened all first-year students must complete a Math placement exam?  The exam schedule will be posted on the Portal and in the NSO Schedule Booklet.  The exam will be taken during NSO.

enlightenedall first-year students may complete the optional Computer Literacy Exam?  If you score high on this exam and are a non-science major, you may be exempt from taking the CIS courses.  The exam opens on Friday, June 23rd.  A link to the exam is on your New Student Checklist.

enlightenedfirst-year students must complete Community Service hours?  Go to www.spelman.galaxydigital.com to register and receive more information.  Instructions may be found on the New Student Portal under RESOURCES.

enlightenedSpelman College has three NEW majors in the Arts:  Photography, Documentary Filmmaking and Dance?

enlightenedSpelman College offers a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology?

enlightenedSpelman College offers a Health Sciences major for student interested in careers in the health professions?

enlightenedthe Health Careers Office assists students in gaining admission to health professional institutions?  Visit http://www.spelman.edu/academics/special-academic-programs-and-offerings/health-careers for more information and don't miss their presentation during New Student Orientation.

enlightenedPresident Campbell has a Reading Circle? Each year the President invites students to apply for membership in the President's Reading Circle (PRC). This year, the Circle will be reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson who will be a guest artist on campus in November.   The PRC will discuss the book in depth and travel to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.  So, why not begin your Spelman academic journey by reading the book this summer?  For more information on Mr. Stevenson and to buy the book, visit http://bryanstevenson.com/the-book/.  

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