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Welcome Parents! Welcome Parents!

Welcome Welcome


Welcome Letter from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Welcome Letter to First-Year Students from Dean Baxter
Parent and Family Orientation Schedule - August 10, 2020 (virtual).
New Student Orientation Schedule - August 14-18, 2020  
Update Letter sent to students from Dean Pedescleaux. 


Music Department Audition information has been posted on the Student Portal.
Math Placement Exam Registration, Transfer and PED Students Information   Registration for the Augsut 17th exam now posted on the student portal.
Counseling Center Information


Things to Do Things to Do


Has your student .....

Completed the Language Placement Exam - July 22nd

Completed the Math Placement Exam Registration - July 30th

Reviewed the descriptions of the Interdisciplinary Big Questions Colloquia (BQC) 

Completed Profile in Galaxy Digital

  • Signed up for the Spelman Alert
  • Completed the Health Booklet

Paid 50% Tuition


Items of Interest Items of Interest



  Updated Student NSO Schedule with Links




Registration for Parent and Family Orientation is Open.  

Once you have REGISTERED you will receive the Zoom link via email.

QUESTIONS can be posted in advance of any session.  

Parent Orientation Schedule




If you missed Career Planning Starts Now!, please click here to see the recording of the session.  The password is 9e!#K^gu.  





enlightenedFirst-year students will select their move-in times later this summer?  Move-in times will be strictly enforced.

enlightenedall first-year students must complete a First Year Colloquia course during their first year?  Descriptions are on the New Student Portal on the left hand side.

enlightenedall first-year students must complete the language placement exam?  It is strongly recommended that students complete the placement exam by July 22nd. The link for the exam is on the student portal page.  Students who score high on the online exam will be invited for an oral interviewStudents who complete the French placement exam are required to complete a written portion of the exam.

enlightened all first-year students must complete a Math placement exam?  The exam is scheduled for August 3 -5th.  Information is posted on the NSO Portal. 

enlightenedall first-year students may complete the optional Computer Literacy Exam?  If you score high on this exam and are a non-science major, you may be exempt from taking the CIS courses.    A link to the exam will be placed on your New Student Portal later this month.

enlightenedfirst-year students must complete Community Service hours?  Go to http://spelman.galaxydigital.com to register and receive more information.  Instructions may be found on the New Student Portal page.

enlightenedSpelman College has NEW majors in the Arts:  Photography, Documentary Filmmaking, Dance, and Art History?

enlightenedSpelman College has NEW minors in the Arts: Art History, Curatorial Studies, Photography, and Documentary Filmmaking?

enlightenedSpelman College has a NEW 3+ 3 program with Syracuse University Law School?

enlightenedSpelman College offers a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology?

enlightenedSpelman College offers a Health Sciences major for student interested in careers in the health professions?

enlightenedthe Health Careers Office assists students in gaining admission to health professional institutions?  Visit http://www.spelman.edu/academics/special-academic-programs-and-offerings/health-careers for more information and don't miss their presentation during New Student Orientation.


Visitors Information Visitors Information

Places to visit in Atlanta

Staging Enabled